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Wireless cameras: myths and realities

When installing cameras, we must consider the ease of wiring; buildings are not designed to allow easy wiring, this becomes a significant challenge for the installer.  Therefore a wide range of "wireless" cameras are now available. Actual results though, are very disappointing: Usually, a camera has to be connected to 2 wires: one for video…
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IP or analog cameras: what are the differences?

Very briefly, we can say that the IP camera is an analog camera that was attached to a microcomputer. With IP cameras, processing is done at the camera rather than at the recorder: Image parameters Color settings Video analytics Motion detection Alerts via the Internet Wireless data transmission Remote Access If IP cameras are used,…
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CCTV to improve productivity

Major labor relation issue may arise if not used properly Before installing a CCTV system, management should inform their staff and explain the reasons to justify the decision: Protection of the company assets. Protection of employees working alone in case of an accident.  Training purposes  Revised procedures Review of working methods Government requirements, such as…
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Loss prevention; things to consider:

How are the losses generated?  In all sectors, the easier it is to resell stolen products or tools, the greater the risk for theft.  In the industrial sector, losses are related to improper working methods (property damage, low productivity)  What are the options for installation? Who will be in charge of data usage?

CCTV vs. remote monitoring

Video surveillance is the recording of what happens in order to be reviewed thereafter if necessary, so you must have cameras and a recording system. The selection criteria are: Strategic positioning of cameras  Appropriate choice of cameras depending on the environment and the objective.  The quality of recorded images It is more important than what…
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Profitable system

Be aware, quality of the images displayed « LIVE » during a demo is less important the quality of recorded images. In video surveillance we look at what happened, not what happens, thus, the most important factors are: Ease of use When it is complicated, it will not be used! The search mode should provide intelligent search…
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