Video surveillance is the recording of what happens in order to be reviewed thereafter if necessary, so you must have cameras and a recording system. The selection criteria are:

  • Strategic positioning of cameras
    •  Appropriate choice of cameras depending on the environment and the objective.
  •  The quality of recorded images
    • It is more important than what is displayed "Live".
  •  The ease of search:
    •  Smart search in the image.
    • Smart search in the POS text.
    •  Easy access to an event and not just to a specific time.
  • Flexible speed of playback
  • Length of time that records will be kept
  •  Integration with other systems such as:
    • Punch clock, access control, POS (Point Of Sale – Cash Registers)
  • The reliability of the system
    • If a failure occurs what happens, how is it handled?

Remote monitoring is real-time monitoring from a remote place by a person who can alert someone on site if something suspect happens. This person must be able to:

  • Activate instant recording.
  • Change the field of view of cameras. (PTZ -motorized cameras)
  • Trigger alarms
  • Be able to access the system from any where