Entreprise Sécur-Icare

About us

In recent years, the technology has greatly influenced our industry, communications between people and systems have become common place. Thus, security devices are gradually becoming computers themselves, featuring all the artificial intelligence that allows it.

We firmly believe that products that have a future already incorporate features of today’s computers, such as communication, data analysis and triggering actions. The age of IP equipment is started.

As our company began its operations in digital video surveillance in 2000, the expertise we have built ensures:

  • An appropriate choice of components based on
    • Your needs
    • And our knowledge of the methods used by fraudsters.
  • A system that is reliable and simple to use.

Over the years, choice of products has exploded, prices have declined. As they emerge, we evaluate reliability and prices of products from as many sources as we can; therefore, we are able to recommend the best value for your money.

Our team is continually in contact with new technologies so that we will suggest the most cost-effective system, based on your specific situation and what is available on the market.

Our expertise is specific to retail stores and distribution centers, but we have also completed successful projects with industrial, institutional and government clients.