Secur Icare


Secur-Icare II

Our most popular product is the Secur-Icare II, a hybrid digital video recorder; it is able to accommodate analog cameras already in place at customer sites, as well as new IP camera. This system can also integrate data from third-party components such as cash registers and access control systems.

Our system, the Secur-Icare II, is the most popular for the following reasons:

  • It allows the customer to continue using its existing cameras in less strategic locations, and add high-performance cameras in most critical zones.
  • It is very simple, it is user friendly.

Standalone DVRs

Very seldom, we offer systems that cannot integrate intelligent search functions or data from other systems. They are autonomous video recorders for conventional analog cameras.

Recording servers for IP cameras (NVR – Network Video Recorder)

The trend is to install IP camera s in order to obtain better resolution.

IP cameras are managed by computers dedicated to managing IP cameras only.

There NVR use software such as Milestone or Axis, such software may include “smart” applications, such as plate recognition, people tracking, traffic flow monitoring, detection of “unusual object”, alerts triggering and so on.

IP servers also manage user connections, their rights to see or modify settings of the components.

We can work with almost any software provided by manufacturers of IP cameras, but we mainly install the Milestone,

Our company has certified Milestone technicians for the XProtect suite.