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Maintenance program

Your CCTV system is the only computer that is up and working all day, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year throughout your company.

The recorder (DVR or NVR)

A video surveillance system requires little maintenance, but requires great attention; in fact, the recorder equipment is probably the equipment that is most intensively used in your company. Every second, it captures images from all cameras, compares them with previously captured images, stores them if different or drops them if not changed. Moreover, if a new image is recorded, an old image must be deleted and a table is created to allow easy retrieval. It is an ongoing process.


Users minimize the importance of physically “cleaning” cameras; if they are exposed to rain or dust quality of captured images will deteriorate shortly. Imagine what happens if someone who wears glasses never cleans them.. The image gradually deteriorates, so do the recorded images.

It is also important to install an appropriate battery backup, it ensures that the recorder does not suffer blackouts due to power fluctuations. Power fluctuation is a major cause of failure of hard drives.

Other components

A printer that is out of ink will not be useful when the user needs to print an interesting scene. Overloading a battery or using it as a power bar will lead to the same problems as not having a battery.

The whole system

The user must check for proper operating conditions on a regular basis. A technical malfunction not detected by regular monitoring, will be detected when the user needs to review the past. It can happen that nothing has been recorded because someone accidentally unplugged the system, or because there is a defective component.

Our solutions

We offer several options, ranging from simple daily monitoring in order to verify the operational status of the recorder, up to lifetime warranty on your system. More details.