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Requirements analysis and Installation

Let us help you determine the best location and the most appropriate products to install. To be profitable, a system must be easy to use and target the most vulnerable areas.
Such a system must include:

  • Components according to the needs and the environment
  • Effective positioning of cameras
  • As there is no camera that can meet all needs,  we must consider:
    • The area to be covered (opening angle),
    • The precision required,
    • Lighting, temperature, other environment conditions
    • Available positioning and cabling options
    • Are there any strategic positions for a camera to capture the plate numbers, faces,
    • Is manipulation at risk?
    • A camera positioned incorrectly will not yield the expected result.
  • A user friendly software

When it comes to video surveillance rather than remote monitoring, recorded images must:

  • Be easy to retrieve
  • Have a good accuracy
  • Be as numerous as needed without taking too much space on the hard drives, so that history is kept long enough.

Therefore it should be possible to assign different parameters to each component of the system, according to its specific requirements.

A pre-defined kit that includes a recorder and cameras will give you pictures of the past; it will most probably not meet your expectations.

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