Our Team

We are very proud to present you our team of committed people, whose happiness is our priority. Working in a stimulating, pleasant and positive environment translates into an impressive customer experience! Please find below the members of our team:


Karl St-Laurent

Sales and administration

Daniel Carrière

Project Management

Julie Carrière

Management and Accounting

Alexandre Demers

General Management

Christelle Jodoin


Diane Cosimi

Administration and Accounting

Stéphanie Carrière

Client Experience

Darquise Cooper


 Kevin Reeves, Adolphe Andrian, Hicham Zihri et Afshin Motehaver

Technicians - Support


Our technicians on the road :


Alexandre Sylvestre, Daniel Lachapelle, Eddy Faniry, Eric Dagenais, Evan Esteban, Hubert Randrianarisoa, Ian Lefebvre, Laurent Lalancette, Marc-André Martin, Nicolas Voyer, Stéphane Gauthier, Taratra Noasimi et Xavier Rakotonirina