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If you require remote access software, for Secur-Icare II or Geovision, click on the appropriate software in the list below. Each DVR has its specific software, and requires the appropriate “client” software; one does not allow access to the other, if unsure, contact us.


We will be glad to assist you in configuring the application for your specific situation.


Each DVR uses a specific client software and you need to get the appropriate one for your application. If you are not sure, give us a call.


If you need assistance to set the appropriate software, we can connect to your system as follows:

In order to let us connect to your computer

  • We will establish the connection

  • You will see what we are doing

  • Click here to establish a connection


Remote software for Secur-Icare II, includes :

  • Real-time remote view

  • Playback

  • Remote settings


Remote software for Geovision :

  • Real-time remote view :






If you want to get other softwares in use in our DVR, contact us


By phone : 1-866-752-6610 or 514-905-6554, ext. 25.